Stump Grinding in Camberley, Farnham, Hindhead & Surrounding Locations

New View Tree Specialists carries out stump grinding services to meet the requirements of any domestic or commercial client. We operate in Camberley, Farnham, Hindhead and any other Surrey, West Sussex or Hampshire location that falls within a 15-mile radius of our base in Guildford. With the ideal blend of NPTC and Lantra-qualified tree surgeons as well as a selection of the latest stump grinding machines, we take on projects of any size. From locations with narrow access to wide-open sites, our services offer the perfect opportunity for property owners to fulfil the potential of their premises.


When receiving tree surgery services that include tree felling, we encourage our clients to have accompanying stump grinding work undertaken as soon as possible. Fresh stumps usually provide a more straightforward removal process.


Regardless of a stump’s age, however, our tree surgeons provide a dedicated service that rids properties of these dangerous eyesores.

image of a stump grinder

Our stump grinding eliminates the following hazards associated with lingering tree stumps:


  1. Trip & Fall – Owing to their position at ground level, tree stumps represent a constant trip-and-fall hazard, even for those familiar with the property’s layout. This can have costly results for those legally responsible for the safety of their visitors.
  2. Disease – Like any rotting organic matter, tree stumps attract various fungi and bacteria as they decompose. Species such as honey fungus have the potential to spread to otherwise healthy plants in the vicinity, creating a much larger problem.
  3. Suckering – Certain tree species have the potential to sprout numerous saplings if their stump doesn’t get removed. Having already invested in the removal of one tree, property owners could have multiple new growths on their hands.

While the removal of these hazards provides undoubted benefits, the most popular advantage of our stump grinding remains the drastic improvement in aesthetics. From domestic properties in Hindhead to commercial units in Camberley, stump grinding not only removes an ugly feature, it also frees spaces of the landscaping limitations it imposed too.


To arrange for an initial survey at your property, please contact us.

What to Expect from Stump Grinding


While each stump grinding job represents unique challenges, our tree surgeons always follow these essential steps:


  1. Depending on the circumstances of the location at hand, we may start by cutting the stump closer to the soil line with a chainsaw. When undertaken, this practice brings stumps to a few inches above ground level.
  2. With the appropriate machine for the job at hand already selected, we place it into position over the stump. Our stump grinding machines range in size, but our clients can rest assured that we have options that can fit through average garden gates.
  3. One of our tree surgeons then engages the cutter head, a circular wheel complete with carbon-tipped teeth arranged at varying angles. When spun at maximum velocity, these teeth grind down the stump, producing woodchips as a by-product.
  4. Upon reaching the agreed depth, we stop the stump grinding machine. In the majority of cases, we grind anywhere between 20cm and 40cm below the soil line, but we tailor our approach to suit any need. For example, clients in Camberley laying foundations for a construction project would need a greater depth than a Farnham homeowner intending to lay turf.
  5. With the work complete, our tree surgeons backfill the resultant hole with the wood chippings created during stump grinding. As a nutrient-rich mulch, we advise property owners to utilise this material across their garden.


As responsible tree surgeons, we take every measure to protect the property of our clients. These include the placement of protective guards to prevent flying woodchips as well as keeping ground disturbance to an absolute minimum.


From Camberley to Farnham, and from Hindhead to Guildford, we treat the sites we work on with the utmost respect.


To view examples of the results we achieve across our services, please visit the Previous Work page.

To discuss options for stump grinding services at your property, call

07852 553 919.

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image of a stump grinder

To discuss options for stump grinding services at your property, call 07852 553 919.

image of a stump grinder
image of a stump grinder
image of a stump grinder