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As time-served tree surgeons, we take pride in offering Farnham property owners a wide range of services. We also understand that our clients want these services explained in as much detail as possible before having them conducted on their premises. From a site clearance to hedge cutting, and from stump grinding to any other kind of tree surgery work, we always take the time to sit down with our clients and discuss exactly what their chosen service consists of and how we intend to execute our plan.


To get tree surgery projects in Farnham off to a flying start, with have briefly outlined below what our core services consist of.


What to Expect from Our Services


1. Tree Surgery – The tree surgeons at New View Tree Specialists carry out an array of tree surgery work to suit any requirements. We undertake any kind of crown work, including reduction, thinning and lifting. If trees have become unstable or at risk of falling due to disease or inclement weather, we conduct safety-conscious directional felling and sectional dismantling. In addition, we also undertake deadwood removal, pruning and pollarding services.


Whether for aesthetic, access or safety reasons, our range of tree surgery covers every angle.


2. Stump Grinding – The removal of a tree stump isn’t included in a felling, so stump grinding work has to be utilised as a separate service. Our tree surgeons recommend removing a tree stump as soon after the felling of a tree as possible as it makes the process somewhat easier. However, we carry out stump grinding work on stumps of any kind, from those still fresh after a felling to others that have lingered for years.


Stump grinding plays a vital role in improving the aesthetics, safety and landscaping possibilities of gardens across Farnham. As an ugly feature, any area that has a stump removed looks infinitely better than it did before. With the removal of a trip hazard and a magnet for fungi and bacteria, garden health and safety drastically improves too. Finally, stump grinding clears the way for a range of projects such as laying a lawn or carrying out construction work.


3. Hedge Cutting – Our clients in Farnham live increasingly busy lives, making time-consuming work like maintaining a hedge harder to fit in. As dedicated tree surgeons, we offer hedge cutting services on a fully bespoke service. For both domestic and commercial clients, we carry out one-off procedures or arrange for ongoing contracted work. The latter option ensures that hedges remain in a visually-appealing condition throughout the year, impacting positively on kerb appeal and the first impressions of visitors, staff and clients.


Hedges come in a variety of species, all of which our tree surgeons have experience working with. This allows us to cater our hedge cutting techniques to ensure optimal future growth. Hedges react to pruning cuts in different ways; when applied incorrectly, this can cause unsightly, sometimes permanent damage to their appearance. With more than a decade of hedge cutting experience, we avoid such basic errors.


4. Site Clearance – Whether applied on a small or large scale, our site clearance services provide a perfect preparatory measure ahead of maintenance, landscaping or construction projects. We tailor our site clearance work to suit the needs of our Farnham clients, but they usually include aspects of tree surgery and stump grinding. When complete, we ensure that the site at hand has been cleared of all trees, shrubs and debris.


For the ultimate peace of mind, we undertake site clearance work to stated timescales and within set budgets. We also reuse natural materials in the form of wood chippings, mulch and biomass.

Call 07852 553 919 to talk over options for tree surgery, stump grinding, hedge cutting and site clearance at your Farnham property.

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